A Creative Artist

About My Work

This is Sheetal Chaudhary, working in Print Making and Painting Medium. I am creating a work using Calligraphy with some geometrical abstract forms.

Playing with different forms, textures and colours is a very good experience for me to explore the possibilities of my subject and medium as well as to explore myself.

The concept of my work is the bad effects of today’s daily hectic life schedule, which gave birth to depression, frustration, confusion and restlessness in one’s life.

In my work, I showed several things which continuously go around in my mind because of the frustration, depression, confusion and restlessness, but my soul is always searching for peace and wants to remove this crowd.

In my work alphabets play an important role. I use them as the characters as well as the textures.

This way I tried to express my inner “expression” of conscious and unconscious mind and successfully find amazing and good results.

“One must have faith in one’s work to succeed” following the same, I am confident about my work, it will definitely give me that peace of mind which I want always.




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